Hey Everyone!

I’m going to write about the things I feel are worth sharing, things that are important to me and things I find interesting.

I’m new to this so bare with me.

I’ve always loved writing but I never share my writing, I write about experiences good or bad, things I have a very strong opinion, and things that are meaningful. I write poems and I love music because I find they’re a form of poetry with a rhythm. I also love art, particularly photography.

I believe there we are given a lot of power to be able to show, hear, and express yourself with your own words. You can have a visual that shows a very special moment or that can capture the terrible day. You can hear feeling and show it in tones.

You can use your words to tell about the best and worst experiences, the little and the big things, even the things in between.

I hope you enjoy what I have to share with you!